Welcome to Gandhi Restaurant

About 9000 years ago first human population started in Indian region and gradually Indus Valley Civilization dating back from 3300 BCE progressed in this area. Diverse influence shaped and flourished the society. The then India broke away and many countries formed. The varied gastronomic juncture of today, relates to preceding converged point of history.

In the Indian subcontinent exotic spices are widely used. There are variations of taste such as northern region foods are mainly meat, southern region where hot food is widespread, in the eastern region, fish is preferred and so on. In some parts of Eastern India namely Assam sticky rice is cooked in bamboo, eaten with fried fish and ghee. The culture, food habit, religion, language, customs, traditions, dress, taste and way of life are diverse in the subcontinent. Nevertheless people always shared the diversity as complementary feature. The foreign rulers introduced external element from time to time and added to the society as elegance and complement.

We named the restaurant by the name of legendary modern day political thinker ‘Mahatma Gandhi’.Please click here if you want to know more about him.