Grasp an important kitchen instrument. Discover ways to use a chef’s knife.

Methods to use a chef’s knife. A knife seems like a fundamental instrument, however discovering to cut successfully can change your kitchen experiences. Picture: Getty Footage.

Essentially the most essential factor in your kitchen space can be the simplest. It’s the knife.

An increasing number of, bless them, many meals come prepared for the family cook dinner dinner (frozen chopped onions, say, or diced canned tomatoes). Nonetheless, most of us use our kitchen space knives day-to-day. And, unlucky to say, most of us abuse our knives every day a lot too. We toss them in a drawer alongside with all the opposite units. We sharpen them on Halley’s comet. We maintain them improperly — that’s why, unsafely.

Proper listed below are quite a few suggestions to retain in thoughts when knifing across the kitchen. I’ll look at simply two types of knives between the quite a few attainable knives to particular person: the chef’s knife and the paring knife. 

In case you skilled to personal only one knife, make it a chef’s knife. With it, you are able to do virtually something in any respect a unique knife does. (It doesn’t pare properly, even so, and infrequently you possibly can do with a cleaver. 

Uncomplicated concepts: Methods to use a chef’s knife

Maintain the knife appropriately

Maintain a chef’s knife the place the blade meets the address for the simplest equilibrium, by no means ever by the take care of by itself. Wrap your forefinger and thumb all-around that time, together with your three remaining fingers grasping the address.

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Use the “finger curl”

When chopping or dicing meals gadgets, curl the fingers of the reverse hand. Your knuckles will avert you from chopping your self.

Use the flattening trick

To cut back up a spherical meals comparable to a potato, flatten an individual aspect to stabilize it.

Maintain it wherever the blade meets the deal with for the most effective stability, hardly by the handle alone. Wrap your forefinger and thumb round that place, together with your three remaining fingers grasping the take care of.

For finishing up close to paring with a paring knife, you possibly can keep the generally tiny paring knife by its blade, properly up near the extent. Your fingers are protected and sound there as a result of you aren’t heading to slice down forcibly into something. You’ll principally be flicking away at smaller outer plant leaves (these sorts of as with a Brussels sprout) or trimming absent garlic clove “paper” or chopping absent a mushroom stem.

When dicing or chopping with a chef’s knife, use the knuckles of your reverse hand, curled, as a info for the chef’s knife’s blade and to carry the blade away out of your fingers. Your fingertips (and possibly fingernails) will keep the meals regular. If the foodstuff is spherical, all these as a potato or carrot, flatten an individual side to stabilize it, then progress with extra chopping, dicing, slicing.

It’s essential that the knife—notably, its deal with—is dry. Tiny else is way extra dangerous within the kitchen than a slippery knife. The decreasing board must be dry, as properly, and generally wiped dry.

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I additionally prefer to immobilize the slicing board by to begin with laying down on the counter a moist paper towel, then topping it with the chopping board or sheet. Additionally, I forestall cross-contamination of meals pathogens by using 1 board for meat, fowl and fish yet another, for greens, nuts and fruit. And I rinse any slicing board of 1 number of meals simply earlier than introducing a further.

Sharpening our knives is our current to them. They return the favor by giving glorious reduce. It’s possible you’ll maybe not personal an electrical powered knife sharpening tools you possibly can not have a “metal” (ceramic or steel) in your gadget drawer.

However you may have a espresso or tea mug. Its underside is ordinarily unglazed and difficult, close to in character to a honing stone. If which is all you may have with which to sharpen your knives, go forward and use it, holding each single knife at a really low angle and rubbing the blade’s edge again once more and forth.

Braised Lamb Neck with White Beans

A bowl of braised lamb neck meat with white beans, diced carrots and herbs. {Photograph} by Bill St. John for UCHealth.


Your butcher can get you lamb neck or (for event, at Full Meals gadgets) you will discover it of their freezer circumstance. In a pinch, substitute lamb shank, even way more conveniently obtainable. Serves 4-6 depending on portion sizing.


2 kilos lamb necks

Olive oil, for browning

6 cups ingesting water or lower-sodium hen stock

1 medium onion, peeled and chopped

3 medium carrots, peeled and large diced

1 celery stalk, small diced

4 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed

1 pound dry white beans (flageolet, cannellini, Nice Northern or the like), rinsed and soaked 6-8 hours, drained

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3 sprigs refreshing thyme, in addition to much more for garnish

2 sprigs refreshing rosemary

1 teaspoon sea or kosher salt

1 teaspoon freshly flooring black pepper


Trim the lamb necks of any superfluous fats. Brown the lamb throughout in 1-2 tablespoons olive oil round medium-superior warmth. Incorporate the liquid and convey to a boil. Reduce the warmth to a sluggish simmer and cook dinner for two hours, the lid of the pot simply ajar. Established apart.

Over medium-superior heat in one other large significant-bottomed pot or Dutch oven, cook dinner the onions, carrots and celery in 2 tablespoons olive oil, stirring, for 7 minutes. Add the garlic and put together dinner yet one more 2 minutes, assuring that the garlic doesn’t burn.

Incorporate again once more the lamb necks, their cooking liquid and the drained beans. Toss within the herb sprigs and the salt and pepper. Stir all alongside each other, carry to a sluggish boil and cook dinner dinner at a relentless simmer, pot lid ajar, for an additional 2 hrs or till the beans are cooked to tender however not mealy.

Allow the braise attention-grabbing in a single day in its pot, coated. When ready to serve, clear away the congealed extra fats that can have risen to the floor and solidified eliminate the herb stems draw back the lamb meat from its bones (there can be a number of nooks and crannies) including again the meat bits to the braise.

To supply: reheat the braise, regulate for seasoning and supply sprinkled with contemporary new thyme leaves.

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